Everyone who has overheared linux knows it is a really brilliant system which enable people to taste their own rice. And even, kde makes it even awesome given it provides a much more comprehensive opportunities to make it what they like.


I am a emacs user , and i have already made a shortkey(M-e) to launch emacs. But as time went by, i found it could be a bit of unbearable to swich window when my frontview is crowded with windows.Just as i apply the shortkey(M-e), the second emacs appliance occured.That wasn't what i want,and it makes it even worse.So i was crazy about finding a way to swich the frontview to specific window.


  • https://i.loli.net/2021/08/23/Pj8hx9NnRptgeXU.png
  • https://i.loli.net/2021/08/23/5x1HXustrJwflNR.png